who we are

Traditional lambik brewery and authentic geuze blendery. More than 135 years of artisanship, passion and quality. Stubborn and pure. Living heritage straight out the Senne Valley.


From being a lad in Beersel to being a restaurant owner and a blender, and then a brewer, and then Grandpa Geuze. The life story of Armand as he has always told it to us. Raw and uncut.

Local wheat can only taste better.

Pajottenland was once full of excellent barley, wheat and hops. 3 Fonteinen, together with local farmers reintroduce a sustainable model of organically grown old varieties.

Why we cannot make a standard lambic beer.

There are far too many variables to control and that make it impossible for us to make a lambic beer twice the same. Nature and all. And our respect for it. And we would not want it any other way.

From farmer to brewer and brewer to farmer.

The cereal circle is round... Hilde and Seppe from Dubbeldoel grow barley and wheat for 3 Fonteinen and the spent grains from the brewery go to the farm's cows.

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